Incorporation of Company Limited by Guarantee

Companies Limited by Guarantee

Companies Limited by Guarantee (CLG) are meant for carrying out non-profit making activities of national or public interests, such as promoting arts, charity, etc. CLGs can choose to apply for charity status for tax exemption purposes.

The appointment of a qualified corporate secretary is mandated by law when incorporating a CLG. ForBis charges S$750 for:

  • Incorporation of CLG

  • Government costs of S$15 for name reservation

  • Government costs of S$300 for incorporation

  • 1-year corporate secretary services

  • Bizprofile

  • Constitution of CLG

  • Resolution for company bank account opening

  • Bank introduction for bank account opening services in Singapore

  • 1st directors resolution

Please note that from the 2nd year onwards, ForBis charges S$1,500 per year for the provision of corporate secretarial services for smaller CLGs.

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Reliable Service

Setting up a company in Singapore can be daunting. At ForBis, our services are digitalized, we handle all your transactions online from signup to later on handling your yearly filing; making it easy for you to engage company formation services in Singapore with us, anytime, anywhere. We make Singapore company incorporation easy for you.
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Our pricing and fees are reasonable and transparent. We practice a no hidden fees policy. This ensures that you will not be hit with any bill shocks. When you engage services with us, you will always know what you are paying for.
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Our services are fast and responsive. By digitalising our services, we are able to provide more time and attention to what matters, our Clients. We provide instant company incorporation with the full set of services, including corporate seal, documentation and other requirements such as your Bank Account setup to ensure our clients have a smooth Singapore company setup process.
Immigrating to Singapore to operate the business
Once you have incorporated your company, ForBis can facilitate your move to Singapore so as to be able to operate the business. You can find more information here!